Hair Structure
Common Types

This web site is designed to provide information to those who are experiencing hair loss.
It has sections which cover the most common types of hair loss but has a special focus on androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness.

Hair Structure and Life Cycle

This section goes back to the basics to introduce you to the life cycle and structure if your hair. It describes the structure of the hair and hair follicle and outlines the growth and rest phases as the hair follicle cycles. Knowledge of how hair grows will assist in the understanding of different types of hair loss and why they occur.

Types of Hair Loss

This section gives details and information along with information of the medical treatments for the most common types of hair loss. Because there are many different types of hairloss this section is divided into 6 different groups.

Hair Loss Treatments

The section on hair loss treatments mainly outlines the major treatments for androgenetic alopecia, as well as including a section on alopecia areata treatments. Most hair loss treatments include references to studies that have been carried out on the various treatments.

Hair Loss Glossary

Hair Loss Glossary designed to assist with unfamiliar words or terms which are commonly used.

Hair Loss Links

Links to outher sites and resources about hair loss.

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